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You must be 18 years or older to use this site. When dealing with mental health issues always consult your doctor.  While it may help you feel better to talk to others it is not meant to be a
substitute for professional counseling.
Please understand that the owners of this site are here to encourage you, but can in no way be held responsible for your actions. 
By entering and/or proceeding further into this site you are stating that you have read and agree to these terms.

    Click the BLUE BUTTON to enter CHAT ROOM!

Please note that the chat room will close on March 7th due to lack of financial support to keep it open. 
If you would like to help 're-open' the room, please click on the 'donations' link and consider a donation of any amount.
We need to raise $170 for this part of the website - and if just 10 people would donate $17 each, we would have enough to keep the room open. 

It has been a privilege to be able to chat with all of you over the past 7 years - and I hope we will be blessed with at least 7 more.  In His Time! 
Until then, THANK YOU for your prayers and support!  Thank you for continuing to use and pray for those on the prayer & praise link above -- submit your prayer/praises via that page. 
The rest of the website will remain open!


Are you are having a hard time getting into the chat room?  Your JAVA may not be current.  To fix this, go to and follow the instructions!
For the comfort of those who use this room, it is the SOLE RIGHT of the owners to ALLOW OR DISALLOW use of its chat room for ANY REASON the administrators deem necessary.


So, you are thinking of becoming a volunteer for Shepherd of Hope Christian Chat and Chronic Illness Support?  Well, Praise the Lord!  We need YOU!

Below are a few of the areas you may want to consider as you are praying about how you can become involved as a volunteer.  If you have questions after reading this, please contact me and I will be happy to help clarify anything you are unsure of!


click here to download the volunteer form

Volunteering Opportunity Descriptions

Greeters:  As a greeter, you would be volunteering to spend time in the chat room during a specific time and day of the week.  Your responsibility would be to welcome everyone who comes into the room by name, and if a new visitor, ask a few questions to be sure they are comfortable with how to use the room.  You would we expected to ask those coming in how they are doing and if there is anything they would like prayer for today -- and if so, to offer a short prayer at that time.  You would make a note of any 'new visitors' as well as any concerns during your time in the room.  You should be familiar with how to use the chat room features as well as be comfortable using the Private Message feature if needed.  If others come into the room and are not familiar with how to use the room, you would be expected to give them some basic pointers (i.e. choosing an avatar, how to use private chat, colors, or bold text, sounds and status options).  If you are interested in greeting but do not know how to do these things, speak with Shep and she will teach you how to do these things.  (Volunteers will be required to have spent some time at Shepherd of Hope Chat before becoming a greeter in order to demonstrate their ability to carry out these responsibilities -- ask Shep if you are interested, but don't know how to do some of it -- she will be happy to help you learn!)

Prayer Warrior:  As a prayer warrior, you would be expected to pray on the days/times that you have agreed to pray for Shepherd of Hope and all of the prayer needs that it has.  You would also be expected to visit the Prayer and Praise page as often as possible (daily if possible) to see any updated prayers and praises have been added.  You would be expected to keep the information sent to you private as many of the needs of the room as not things that are spoken of outside of the 'board room' of the site.  There is a form to complete and return to Shep if you are interested in being one of those who goes to the Throne of Grace on behalf of Shepherd of Hope Ministry -- We need prayer warriors -- without prayers, we are unable to know the will and direction of the Lord for this ministry! (Everyone can pray for the ministry, and we hope that you will, however to become a Prayer Warrior, you will need to be a part of Shepherd of Hope Ministry long enough to have an idea of our direction and goals.  We count on our Prayer Warriors to take many things to the Lord in prayer, so you can understand why we are cautious in choosing them - YOU can feel confident that if you post a request, our Prayer Warrior Team is praying -- so we cautiously and prayerfully select those who will be a part of this team for the good of all!

Donors:  We are in need of finances in order to keep this room open and running.  Shep and her husband are committed to keeping it going, but we need YOUR help!  You can click on the donation link at the top of the page to make a pay pal or credit card donation.  You can also contact Shep if you would like to send a check.  If you would like to make a donation in HONOR or in MEMORY of a loved one, please let Shep know the details and a personal card will be sent to theh one you request letting them or the family know of your gift in their honor or memory!  Another way you can help with donations is to encourage those who would benefit from this site to come here and join in the many chats and activities that are offered -- and encourage those who are able to make a financial donation.  If you cannot give financially, perhaps you can take on a volunteer position but at least, most importantly, you can PRAY!

Donor Chairperson:  Shepherd of Hope operates on private funds.  We need someone who can help to creatively find donors -- as many of the people who use the room are financially burdened, perhaps some outside organizations or individuals would be interested in keeping us operating.  Many who use the chat room are able to make small donations -- and we are trying to find at least 20 people who will commit to making a monthly donation in order to offset the costs of running this site.  If you have ideas or an interest in doing some 'fund-raising' please contact Shep.

Chat Hosts:  As a chat host, you would be volunteering to prepare a short devotional or time of purposeful conversation --it may be something you have read, something you have prepared yourself, or it may be sharing a scripture verse and a few thoughts on it.  Chat sessions last one hour and should include an opening prayer, a time of sharing, scripture, a time of sharing prayer requests and then a closing prayer.   You can do as much as you are comfortable doing within the guidelines of our statement of purpose, faith and beliefs on healing, or as little as asking a couple of questions to generate interaction between the people in the room.  Some examples are "What is your favorite Scripture and why?", "What has God done in your life this week?" and questions of that nature.  You are not expected to give a full Bible study, and unless you have been approved to do so, you are asked to refrain from doing so.  There are many faiths represented here and even some who do not yet know the Lord, so we need to be sure that when we have a Bible Study, it has been passed through the 'board' to be certain it doesn't contain any teachings that could offend a particular faith -- our goal is to make Hosted Chats a time of positive and encouraging Christian conversation! (Hosts will need to be able to do the things a Greeter does, and a bit more - you would need to demonstrate a knowledge of the Word of God as you would be leading the chat and would be expected to use the Word as your guide.  It is also important that you have been an active part of Shepherd of Hope for a period of time before taking on a Host position.  Speak to Shep if you have been here a while and are interested in doing a Hosting position)

Sunday Praise and Worship Leader:  As a Sunday Praise and Worship leader, you would be expected to open and close in prayer, to encourage testimonies and sharing of what the Lord is doing in the guests lives.  It is also a time to share hymns or song lyrics, poetry, and anything that would be considered Praising or Worshipping the Lord!  This is a one hour period of time. (See requirements for a Host -- these will be similar)

Prayer & Praise Leader:  As a Prayer & Praise leader, you would be responsible to open in a short prayer and then ask the guests for prayer requests and praises.  (Encourage them to post these on the Prayer and Praise Page in the form at the bottom of the page at the end of the hour).  You would hopefully be writing these down as they are being typed to the chat window.  After a time of sharing and perhaps some time of empathizing and encouraging as appropriate, you would be expected to close in a prayer acknowledging each of the requests as praises as you are able to.  (See requirements for a Host -- these will be similar)

Pray-ers:  There is no requirement to be a pray-er for Shepherd of Hope Ministry other than a desire to do so - you are encouraged to go to the Prayer and Praise page and read the prayers and praises that are posted there daily and to lift them to the Lord in prayer!  Everyone who comes here is able to lift this room in thanks and praise as we are blessed to have this place, blessed to have the Lord's blessing upon us, and most of us already know what an encouraging thing it is to have someplace to go when you need to be encouraged, as well as when you are able to encourage others!  You don't even need to complete a volunteer form to pray for this site, but if you have decided to be a "pray-er" for this site -- let Shep know -- it is encouraging to hear that we are being lifted in prayers!

Read more suggestions below -- pray and ask the Lord to direct you in how you can give to
Shepherd of
Hope Ministry in time, talents, or resources!

There are many ways you can support
Shepherd of Hope Christian Chat and Chronic Illness Support Ministry!

Please take time to pray and ask the Lord to show you how YOU can be a part of the growth and continuation of Shepherd of Hope Christian Chat and Chronic Illness Support Ministry!


Volunteer to Host a Chat


Volunteer to be a Room Greeter


Make a Donation to help support the financial needs


Make a Donation in Honor or in Memory of a loved one -- a card will be sent to them noting your gift.


Volunteer to become a Prayer Warrior


Visit the Prayer & Praise link and pray for the needs that are posted there daily


Volunteer to host a Card Ministry


Volunteer to check the Website for 'dead links'


Volunteer to advertise the Shepherd of Hope website

Shepherd of Hope is operated on private funds.  
We depend on YOUR donations to help us keep it running.



  If you are led to make a financial donation to this *ministry, you may do so by clicking on the button to make a secure online donation through Pay Pal. Credit Cards are accepted!  If you wish to send a check, please contact Shep.  Thank you for your prayerful and financial support!

*This site is not yet a licensed non-profit ministry, so donations are not tax-deductible, however we are dependent upon donations from people like you, to keep it running for all Christians with chronic illness.

If this site has been a blessing to you, consider making a financial contribution.  However, if this isn't something you are able to do - consider doing something else from this list above!  Your contribution of TIME is just as important as your contribution of Funds!

Training and/or instruction will be provided for any position you volunteer for.  In order to volunteer as a Host, Greeter or a Prayer Warrior, you will need to complete an 'application form' so that we can assure that those who are volunteering here are in alignment with our Statement of Purpose, Statement of Faith and our Beliefs on Healing.  You can click on the links here or find them at the top of every page on this site!

Working for His Glory,


once again, here's the link:     click here to download the volunteer form


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